Zbynek Vyhlas, 2011

I had a great opportunity to spend my IFMSA Exchange program in Chelyabinsk railway hospital on surgery department. Mine clerkship lasted one month during September. Before mine clerkship started, I have traveled through Russia to Mongolia and talked with many people about Chelyabinsk. They all noticed, that it is very dirty city with not very nice people. I must say, that mine expressions were totally different! All people I have met were very nice to me, happy to help me with all problems I had during and before mine clerkship. I would like to thank to Dr. Smirnov by this way, who was mine tutor disposed to help me and explain me everything I asked. Nevertheless mine ,,thank you” belongs to all IFMSA organizers and contact persons who helped me during mine exchange. I felt save and cherished, thank to you.

I have never been east before, I always wanted to go, but there wasn’t opportunity. Russia is big country with big history and cultural background. It is needed to get to know it, wherever you are form.  That is why I picked this exchange program. There were two more students on clerkship with me: Inna Friesen from Germany and Oskar Sala from Italy. We all admired Pathological embryo museum of Chelyabinsk medical academy, we have visited Gagarin park, been to Ural mountain and been skating on great ice stadium. We were wondering why we saw so much cholecystectomia done on surgery department, after we ate russian food: very tasty, but not healthy, we understood. Hopefully this will change, so doctors will have less work. This clerkship was big experience for all of us. We all wish all the best to Chelyabinsk and to its habitants!

Zbyněk Vyhlas

Czech Republic
Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové,
University of Defence Faculty of Military health sciences